The Golf Week Amateur Tour is the best place for Central Florida amateurs seeking tournament competition on a continuing basis. It is a terrific opportunity to meet golfers... and make new friendships.

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North Shore Golfweek Flight Winners--(L-R) Garret Morrison (Champ),
Robin Gomez (A), Billy Davis (C), Ben Beasley (D) & Rowland Brown (B)

The Golfweek Amateur Tour / Orlando returned to North Shore Golf Club another course we have'nt been to in quite some time.   The course is in good conditions with very nice greens.  A lousy weather forecast produced only a couple of quick showers as we finished without delay.  For the second straignt tournament, Championship flight had a playoff--this time three players--Garrett Morrison, Tom Dillon & Jeff Moritz all came in with 75.  Dillon went out on the first extra hole and then Garrett edged past Jeff on the second extra hole for the win.     Bill Shufelt, (75, was victorious in the Senior Championship flight.

Chmp1 Morrison, Garrett 75
Chmp2 Dillon, Tom 75
SrChmp1 Shufelt, Bill 75

Byron Murrell--Senior A Flight

A Flight went to Robin Gomez with nifty 2-under 7.  Michael Gomes and Steve Cleary tied for second with 74's, a score that usually wins A flight--but not today Dennis Cargo and Steve Cleary (78) tied for fourth.  Tony Cordova earned a promotionto Championship flight following this event.

In Senior A FlightByron Murrell, Brad Bettin and John Fry needed  extra holes after each shot 78.  Byron won out on the fourth extra hole.

A1 Gomez, Robin 70
A2 Gomes, Michael 74
A3 Cleary, Steve 74
A4 Cargo, Dennis 76
A5 Cordova, Tony 76
SrA1 Murrel, Byron 78
SrA2 Fry, John 78

Rowland Brown (80) grabbed victory in B Flight.  He beat Mark Klenck (81), followed by Neil Corbett (82) in third.   Rowland and Mark "double" in Senior B and took first and second, respecively..

B1 Brown, Rowland 80
B2 Klenck, Mark 81
B3 Corbett, Neil 82
B5 Takacs, Greg 83
SrB1 Brown, Rowland 80
SrB3 Klenck, Mark 81

North Shore Senior Winners--(L-R), Billy Davis (C), Rowland Brown (B), Bill Shufelt (Champ)

For the second tournament in a row, it took a 79 to win C flight.  And for the second week in a row, the winner earned a promotion to the B flilght as Billy Davis was this week's winner by four strokes over Grant Ripley and Steve Barker (83).  Billy earned a promotion to B Flight his next time out for his fine play.  Billy also took ienior C and Rick Whitman (89) was seecond.  Billy will also be going to Senior B flight next time out.   D Flight saw Ben Beasley take the top spot after a one hole playoff with Trey Horrell.  Each shot 96.  

C1 Davis, Billy 79
C2 Ripley, Grant 83
C3 Barker, Steve 83
C4 Vyhonsky, Bill 85
SrC1 Davis, Billy 79
SrC2 Whitman, Rick 89
D1 Beasley, Ben 96
D2 Horrell, Trey 96

Congratulations to all the winners

Next Event--June 2-3, Bob Mirus Memorial @ ChampionsGate Resort



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Players are flighted by handicap/handicap-index. Players without indexes may submit recent scorecards to be assigned to a flight, subject to change based on tournament performance. All prizes in all flights are based on gross scores and are awarded on the day of the event. The Golfweek Amateur Tour is the best place for central Florida amateurs seeking tournament competition on a continuing basis. It is a terrific opportunity to meet golfers and make new friendships.

"The crew"
Dana Turgeon, Robbie Robinson, Stephanie Robinson, Tom Mirus (Tour Director)

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#3 - March 31, 2018
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Sunshine The Cleaning Masters Open @ Eagle Creek
#5 - May 5, 2018
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North Shore Golf Club
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Bob Mirus Memorial @ ChampionsGate Resort
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Championship Results Points
1-Chad Frank 2205 
2-Jeff Moritz 1380 
3-Mike Menyhart 1160 
4-Tom Dillon 1125 
5-Scott Davis 1086.7 
6-Cory Walker 975 
7-Danny Nash 735 
8-James Dailey 632.5 
9-Garrett Morrison 625 
10-Tony Cordova 615 
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A Flight Results Points
1-Robin Gomez 1915 
2-Jason Manning 1589.17 
3-Steve Cleary 1163.3 
4-Dennis Cargo 997.5 
5-Robbie Robinson 985 
6-Jay Starr 972.5 
7-Rex Hyder 754 
8-Ryan Huisman 714.17 
9-Brad Bettin 675.75 
10-Paul Cope 642.5 
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B Flight Results Points
1-Ray Rodriguez 1810 
2-John Prano 1740 
3-Justin Carroll 1240 
4-MJ Moore 1202.5 
5-Mark Klenck 1057 
6-Billy Davis 1057 
7-Stephen Johnson 1008.8 
8-Bill DeTorres 923 
9-Rowland Brown 875 
10-Gator Gatrell 607.5 
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C Flight Results Points
1-Dan Podawiltz 1445 
2-Charlie James 1326.67 
3-Rick Whitman 1147.5 
4-Todd Smith 1116.67 
5-Kenney Brumfield II 1064.4 
6-Chris Schuler 1015 
7-Chuck Jaqueth 919 
8-George Ricardo 861 
9-Austin Grimm 826.67 
10-Steve Barker 690 
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D Flight Results Points
1-Danny Hinkley 1305 
2-Ben Beasley 1205 
3-Robert Russ 1184 
4-Trey Horrell 1035 
5-Dana Turgeon 740 
6-Steve Eberly 558 
7-Tyrone James 525 
8-Shaun HIllary 382 
9-OJ James 355 
10-Bob Oconnell 355 
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SrChmp Flight Results Points
1-Chad Frank 1825 
2-Mike Menyhart 1050 
3-Bill Shufelt 1005 
4-Cory Walker 830 
5-Al Clerico 780 
6-John Ward 755 
7-Wayne Zeigler 310 
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SrA Flight Results Points
1-Robbie Robinson 1545 
2-Bill Rambo 1250 
3-Paul Drinkwater 1055 
4-Byron Murrell 885 
5-Brad Bettin 870 
6-Ed Paterniti 785 
7-John James 310 
8-Doug Prusak 275 
9-John Fry 250 
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SrB Flight Results Points
1-Ray Rodriguez 1375 
2-Bill DeTorres 1095 
3-Mark Klenck 1025 
4-Jim Kenney 990 
5-Stephen Johnson 765 
6-Billy Davis 747.8 
7-Neil Corbett 720 
8-Rowland Brown 700 
9-Gator Gatrell 685 
10-Chet Parker 660 
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SrC Flight Results Points
1-Todd Smith 1510 
2-Rick Whitman 1045 
3-George Ricardo 850 
4-Dan Podawiltz 815 
5-Steve Downey 790 
6-Wayne Creese 695 
7-Eric Lovett 435 
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